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If You Need an Arborist in Houston, Call Trees Unlimited Today

Trees Unlimited can help you if you need an arborist in Houston. We offer professional, practical, cost effective tree maintenance for those who want top-notch care for their trees. We will prune your trees so that the air flow increases and results in a reduction of diseases and insect infestations. Also, our pruning services help your trees to develop a strong structure which reduces the chances of damage during a strong storm, which are known to frequent the Houston area. Our company provides customers with a knowledgeable arborist in Houston who understand how to properly trim a tree so that it will produce growth and remain healthy. Sometimes an arborist in Houston will trim a tree improperly and harm its chances of growing. Trees Unlimited has studied trees for decades and we know what is required to trim trees the right way.

An arborist in Houston at Trees Unlimited also knows that pruning trees improvers the aesthetics of your yard as well as your entire neighborhood. It will enhance the natural character of the tree and stimulate flower production as well. Some trees self-prune, but if you have an open-grown tree in your yard then having an arborist in Houston prune it is the right idea.

There is a huge safety factor with pruning trees as well. Having tree services in Houston could prevent injury or property damage from falling branches that are hollow from insect infestation or diseases. Also, overgrown trees tend to interfere with power lines, traffic signs or block views. With tree trimming in Houston, you can reduce the danger that overgrown trees propose and still retain the beauty and elegance of having lovely trees grace your yard.

A professional arborist in Houston also knows how to give good advice about tree care in Houston. We make simple recommendations that if followed in the order of priority will result in healthier trees. First, minimize any grade or drainage changes and keep construction out of the root zone. Water your trees regularly and drain off any standing water near root zones. Fertilize healthy trees once every two years or once/twice every year for weaker, damaged or younger trees. The aforementioned pruning should be done every one to five years at least. Treat insect infested, diseased trees by removing them or plating new and/or replacement trees.

If you want an arborist in Houston that knows their way around trees, call on the experts at Trees Unlimited. We have helped many tree lovers in Houston since 1976. For more information, call us at 713-688-6739 or email


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Treat Diseased Trees by Contacting Trees Unlimited for a Qualified Arborist in Houston

[Posted on Aug 29]

Nearly everyone has at least one tree in their years. Trees give your property beauty and should be maintained in order to help them last. If you have noticed that your trees look less than perfectly healthy, you may have an infestation of some sort. When you need an arborist in Houston to help you to bring your trees back to perfect health, Trees Unlimited can help. We have qualified and experienced tree doctors who can provide the appropriate treatment and ensure that your trees are healthy once again. Whether you have a disease or an insect infestation, we offer a variety of treatment options to cure all known tree diseases.

A Houston arborist from Trees Unlimited will inspect your trees and learn what is causing their health problems. We offer cost effective tree maintenance that will help you to improve the health of all of your trees. We can prune your trees which will increase the air flow and help them to naturally ward off insects and diseases. Our pruning services will also help your trees to become stronger which in turn helps them to withstand damage from storms and heavy winds. Our arborists have many years of experience and are trained to help you to take better care of all of your trees.

Our Houston tree trimming services will help to remove dead or dying branches, making your property safer. When a tree branch falls it could cause damage to your home, cars or other property and cause substantial injury to anyone in its path. By trimming these dead or dying limbs from your trees, you not only give your trees a more attractive appearance but you help to improve the safety of your entire property. If you have a tree that needs to be removed due to excessive disease or damage or you simply need it out of the way for some reason, we offer professional tree removal as well.

Trees Unlimited provides Houston residents with quality and professional tree services at affordable costs. We can trim your trees, treat them for diseases and insect infestations or remove them completely when needed to give you space to plant new trees in their place. Call on us whenever you have issues with your trees and we will provide you with quality services that do not interfere with your property or schedule. Read through our website to learn more or contact us for a free estimate today.

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