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Call Trees Unlimited When You Need an Experienced Houston Arborist

If your trees are in need of pruning or if you suspect that they are sick with a tree disease or bug infestation, then it is time to call on the services of an experienced Houston arborist. Trees Unlimited has been in Houston since 1976 and we know how to properly treat trees in Houston. An arborist should know the species of trees and how to best care for them. They should also be aware of how to spot diseases and know the effective cures and/or treatments that can preserve them. Trees Unlimited has experience in all of these areas and more. We have learned about tree maintenance over the years and many of our customers come back to us again and again for our tree services in Houston. If you want a qualified Houston arborist that can provide the answers you need when it comes to trees, Trees Unlimited is your first and last stop.

Trees Unlimited provides services that are geared toward making your trees healthier and better looking than ever before. We prune trees so that the air flow improves, making it less likely that they will be infested by insects that can destroy the trees. This involves much more than just sawing off limbs. It is a delicate process where we thin the crown and remove crossing and rubbing branches. Also, pruning also helps to develop strong structure so when storms blow into Houston, the branches will not easily break off and injure someone or damage property. In addition, pruning will make sure your trees do not grow so much that they cover up traffic signs or interfere with utility lines. A Houston arborist will know how to effectively prune your trees so they remain lovely additions to your yard and not become a burden. You can expect that kind of service from the experts at Trees Unlimited.

A Houston arborist also knows how to give good advice to their customers. Trees Unlimited gives valuable tips to our customers so they can be armed with the right knowledge in how to provide good tree care in Houston. This includes:

  • Minimizing grade and drainage changes and construction in the root zone
  • Water your trees generously and eliminate standing water in the root zone
  • Fertilize them frequently
  • Prune and remove dead wood every one to five years
  • Treat diseased, insect infested trees by removing them or planting new/replacement trees

If you want the right Houston arborist to come and assist you with your trees, give Trees Unlimited a call today. We also provide tree removal in Houston for our customers. For more information, call 713-688-6739 or email

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Get a Qualified and Experienced Houston Arborist when You Contact Trees Unlimited

[Posted on July 18]

If the trees in your yard are unhealthy, they will not only look bad but also pose a danger to your property and your family. If you believe that your trees may be infected by bugs or disease, contacting a qualified and experienced Houston arborist is important. A qualified arborist can help to determine what is causing your trees distress and treat the problem efficiently. This will help your trees to once again become healthy and make your yard look much more attractive. Trees Unlimited has been providing Houston tree service since 1976. We offer a number of services that will enable you to keep your trees looking good and thriving.

We offer the tree care Houston residents can trust. Our tree doctors can properly treat your trees for a number of diseases and infestations and ensure that they are healthy once again. If it turns out that your trees need to be cut down, we can remove them as well. We have experience in spotting tree diseases and providing effective cures and treatments that can preserve your trees. We will take the necessary steps to make your trees healthier and more attractive than they have ever been. We can trim or prune your trees to give them a much better chance of withstanding future disease.

Pruning your trees makes them look much better and ensures that they do not interfere with power and telephone lines as well as traffic signs and other things in their paths. We offer arbor care Houston residents trust for quality and affordability. We ensure that your trees are properly pruned so that they do not pose a hazard during storms. If you have a tree that needs dead branches removed, we will quickly take care of the problem and ensure that your property remains safe. Falling branches can not only damage property but can cause serious injuries to anyone standing below them.

Trees Unlimited will help you to ensure that your property is completely safe from falling limbs and branches and that your trees remain healthy, giving them a much longer length of life. Pruning your trees properly will help to improve the air flow which in turn, helps to protect them from disease and insect infestation. If you have trees in your yard then taking care of those trees is important. Trees Unlimited will help you to care for your trees and make your yard the most attractive on your block.


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