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Live in Houston? Need Tree Trimming? Come to Trees Unlimited Now!

If you are in search of Houston tree trimming services, Trees Unlimited can trim your trees using the highest quality expertise in town. We have helped many residents and business owners with Houston tree trimming services and we are proud to serve you as well. Our expert tree trimmers use only the best equipment and have the finest training possible so they can provide you with the utmost professionalism when trimming your trees.

It is important that you get Houston tree trimming services for various reasons. First, it brings out the beauty of the trees. Houston tree trimming produces flower production and that means the leaves and fruit will grow wonderfully. Also, it can increase the air flow, which helps cut down on diseases and insects that are known to make trees their home. This can also strengthen your trees so that when storms hit, they can withstand the high winds. Trees that are diseased or infested with insects will break apart at the first sign of a strong wind. That means their limbs can become dangerous flying missiles and damage people and/or property. Also, tree trimming in Houston is also a good idea so your trees do not grow over traffic signs or power lines.

Having Houston tree trimming services also increases the value of your trees. The solid timber that results from proper tree trimming can mean your trees will proudly decorate your yard and give new life to the neighborhood. If you should ever decide to sell your home, having healthy, lovely trees could be a great selling point.

In addition, to Houston tree trimming services, Trees Unlimited also provides our customers with solid advice on how to provide tree care in Houston themselves. We recommend that they keep grade and drainage changes to a minimum and keep the root zone construction free. Also, keep your trees watered and do not allow standing water in the root zone. It is important to fertilize your trees and prune them frequently. You should have this done every one to five years depending upon the variety of your trees. Also treat any diseases, insect infested trees by having tree removal in Houston, TX or planting new or replacement trees.

If you have trees in Houston, tree trimming is something you should definitely consider. Why not get good service from the best? Trees Unlimited has been around in Houston since 1976, so we know trees as well as the area. Give us a call today and we will provide practical, cost effective and preventive maintenance to you. For more, call 713-688-6739 or email

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Trees Unlimited Provides Professional and Affordable Houston Tree Trimming

[Posted on Aug 08]

When you need Houston tree trimming services, Trees Unlimited can help. We offer professional and experienced tree trimming in the Houston area that can benefit you in a number of ways. Our expert tree trimmers will use the best available equipment to keep your trees perfectly pruned and healthy. Keeping your trees trimmed is important for their overall health. It helps them to resist insect damage and promotes better air flow. If you have trees that are near telephone or power lines it is essential to keep them trimmed properly to avoid problems. Trees Unlimited offers highly trained and experienced professionals that can provide you with a number of services.

We offer Houston tree removal for those who may have diseased or dying trees and want to have them removed before they pose a safety hazard. If you have trees that are in the way of an additional construction, pool or other amenity, we can safely remove them for you. If you have damaged or dead trees and want to have them removed to make room for newer, healthier trees, we can take care of that as well. Trees Unlimited has been providing professional tree services in Houston for a number of years. We offer friendly and professional services that will not interfere with your daily routine.

Our Houston tree service also includes treatments for diseased trees. There are a number of diseases that can kill your trees or make them otherwise unhealthy. We can treat all tree diseases and restore your trees to perfect health. We will inspect your trees and inform you on the best course of treatment. If it turns out that the trees are too far gone for treatment then we can safely remove them, allowing you to plant healthier trees in their place.

Keeping your trees in good health is essential not only for the look and value of your property but for safety reasons as well. Dead branches and limbs can fall, injuring anyone in their path. Having these branches removed is essential and Trees Unlimited can remove branches and keep your trees trimmed properly, allowing for better air flow and more protection from diseases and insects. If you have trees in your yard, we can help you to keep them healthy and beautiful. Feel free to browse the remainder of our website to learn more about our services or contact us at Trees Unlimited for a consultation today.


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