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Call on Trees Unlimited for a Tree Doctor in Houston

Just like people, trees get sick, too. When that happens, they need a good tree doctor in Houston. Trees Unlimited knows about how to provide tree care in Houston for various trees and find cures for what ails them. We have professional tree doctors on staff that is capable of finding out what is making your tree sick and then getting them back to health. We know what diseases can affect trees and how to provide remedies, so you are in trusted hands when you come to Trees Unlimited.

Diagnosing a tree disease begins when we comprehensively inspect your trees. We can send a qualified arborist in Houston that can spot specific tree diseases easily and make recommendations for any tree services in Houston that will preserve them. For instance, if you need a tree doctor in Houston when your tree comes down with Oak Wilt, we can provide preventive treatment for it. Oak Wilt is a fungus that is caused by Ceratocystis fagacearum. It clogs up a tree’s vascular system, preventing it from getting the right amount of water and nutrients. The Red Oak is particularly prone to this disease. With a tree doctor in Houston, you can effectively use prune paint to cover the wounds on the tree. Another disease we can treat is Phytophthora Foot Rot. This is common in Texas soils. This disease crops up frequently on citrus trees that are planted way too deep. The bud union is left in standing water, which is why we highly recommend that you always remove standing water from the root zone. Cracked bark, brick-red or brown bark at the soil line and a discolored lower trunk are tell-tale signs of foot rot. If you see this on your tree, get a tree doctor in Houston at Trees Unlimited fast.

Another common disease that a tree doctor in Houston from Trees unlimited can treat is the Hypoxylon canker, another fungus disease found in Texas. It usually affects stressed oak and similar hardwood trees. This disease usually turns up after a drought, which Texas has been experiencing lately. If you suspect your trees have Hypoxylon canker, call a tree doctor in Houston immediately. Trees Unlimited has tree doctors on staff trained to treat diseases such as these.

If your trees are suffering from any diseases, do not waste another minute – call a tree doctor in Houston at Trees Unlimited now. We can help you find a cure or treatment for your trees. For more information, call us at 713-688-6739 or email

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If You Have Sick Trees Contact Trees Unlimited for a Qualified and Experienced Tree Doctor in Houston

[Posted on Aug 01]

Many people do not realize that their trees are just like humans. They can get sick just like you can and when the contract diseases, your trees need a professional and qualified tree doctor in Houston to care for them. Trees Unlimited can provide you with the arborist services that you need to make your trees healthy again. Diseased trees can break which could send limbs flying to the ground. This is not safe for your yard or your family. When you contact Trees Unlimited, we will send a tree doctor to your home to inspect your trees and give them the treatment needed to make them healthy once again.

In addition to doctoring your trees, we can also trim them to help keep them healthy. Our Houston tree trimming services will ensure that your trees have adequate oxygen flow which will help them to resist insect infestation. Insects can cause diseases which could eventually kill your trees. By pruning or trimming them properly, you are essentially prolonging their lives and helping them to look more beautiful in the process. If your trees are already diseased, we can provide them with the remedy that they need.

There are a number of diseases that could plague your trees. A qualified and experienced Houston arborist will be able to tell you what is affecting your trees and make recommendations for treatments. Our qualified arborists know what specific diseases can harm your trees and the treatment options for these different diseases. If it turns out that your trees need to be cut down, we can do that as well. We offer tree removal services that will allow you to replant healthier trees and remove dead or dying trees that could pose a danger to anyone in your yard.

Whether your trees are affected by Oak Wilt which can prevent it from receiving the proper nutrients and water or you simply have trees that have been damaged by storms and need to be pruned or removed, Trees Unlimited can help. We offer professional Houston arborist services to meet all of your needs. We will provide you with the care necessary to make your trees healthy once again and ensure that your yard is safe from falling branches and debris. Feel free to browse the remainder of our website to learn more about the tree services that we offer or contact us directly at Trees Unlimited for more information today.


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