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For Excellent Tree Removal in Houston, TX, Choose Trees Unlimited

Although it is sad to see a tree removed, sometimes it is necessary. A tree may have come down with a disease or become infested with insects to the point where it proposes a danger to you, your neighbors and the community as a whole. Trees Unlimited are experts at tree removal in Houston, TX. Since 1976, we have helped residents and business owners that needed tree removal in Houston, TX and satisfied their every need. Our expert tree removers are able to safely and effectively remove the tree without damaging any other trees or property. Also, we can provide our tree service in Houston without disrupting your daily routine or business operation. We will take the time to remove your trees so that there is minimal damage to your yard and surrounding area. The equipment we use is top-notch and our expertise is solid. Trees Unlimited will provide excellent tree removal in Houston, TX for you without all of the mess.

Whether it is an overgrown tree that is disrupting power lines, blocking views or just simply has died, tree removal in Houston, TX with Trees Unlimited will result in a better yard for you. It is better for the health of your other trees that you have tree removal in Houston. Diseases can spread from one tree to the next as can insects, so to prevent your whole yard and neighborhood from becoming infected, you need to have the trees removed. Once you decided to call on Trees Unlimited for tree removal in Houston, TX, we will work closely with you to formulate a plan to remove the trees and provide clean up afterward.

If you need other types of tree care in Houston such as trimming or pruning trees, Trees Unlimited is qualified in those areas as well. We will prune your trees so that their aesthetics improve, which also improves your yard and neighborhood. There is also a huge safety factor involved since loose and dying limbs can break off easily and cause injury to someone. When storms come through Houston, you need to be sure your trees are trimmed so loose branches don’t break off and so they are strong enough to withstand the high winds. Through our services, we will make sure your trees are ready during the storm season.

Whenever you need quality tree removal in Houston, TX just give us a call. You can reach us at 713-688-6739 or email


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Call on Trees Unlimited for the Professional Tree Removal Houston, TX Relies On

[Posted on Oct 24]

Your trees give your property beauty and help in many ways to protect your property. Trees can help to block heavy winds from causing damage to your home. Unfortunately, there are a number of things that can harm your trees to the point that they may need to be removed. Removing them will allow you to plant healthier trees in their place. If you need to have trees removed and want to ensure that your property is protected during the removal process, Trees Unlimited can help. We offer the tree removal Houston, Tx has relied on since 1976.

Whether your trees are damaged by storms, disease or insect infestations or you simply need to remove them because they are interfering with utility lines or additions to your home, we will provide you with quality Houston tree removal that will ensure your property is not affected. We use the most updated equipment and our workers are trained and experienced in removing trees safely so that your property is not harmed in any way. We offer professional yet affordable services and can help you to clean broken or dying trees from your property, giving way to newer, healthier trees.

Our Houston tree service does not stop at tree removal. We offer tree trimming services as well. Having your trees regularly and properly pruned ensures that they stay protected from insects and disease. Pruning your trees allows for better airflow which will ultimately keep them healthier. We can also trim tree limbs and branches that have been damaged by storms to keep them from falling and injuring someone on your property. We can remove trees that are in the way of construction or simply help you to weed out the trees that you have, allowing you to customize your landscape design.

Whether you need your trees completely removed or you simply need them trimmed back, Trees Unlimited offers services that will enable you to keep all of your trees healthier. We can provide you with a tree doctor to treat trees that are affected by disease or insect infestation and help to nurse those trees back to health. If you are unsure of whether your trees need to be treated or completely removed, we can give you an evaluation and help you to determine the best course of action for your property. Feel free to browse the remainder of our website to learn more about the specific services that we offer or contact us directly at Trees Unlimited to schedule an estimate today.

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