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If You Need Tree Removal in Houston, Call on Trees Unlimited

Trees are a wonderful addition to anyone’s yard, but sometimes they have to be removed. This could be because the tree is dead or dying, is it considered hazardous, it is causing an obstruction, a more suitable specimen is going to replace it or new construction is taking place. If you need tree removal in Houston, Trees Unlimited has professionals who can safely remove trees from your yard. Since 1976, we have been helping people who needed tree removal in Houston and we have provided practical and cost effective tree care as well as preventive maintenance for trees. If you are unsure about getting tree removal in Houston, our experts will consult with you on options and help you determine whether or not it is necessary. Some may want to try and save their tree and we will help you decide on the best course of action to take. Trees Unlimited will use the best equipment when doing tree removal in Houston, so there is little impact to your property. We make sure that nothing else is damaged when removing trees and will use our vast experience to get the job done right.

Another service we offer is tree trimming in Houston. Also known as pruning, we offer this service so people can maintain the beauty of their trees. Sometimes this also stimulates flower production and the tree’s natural form. It is not just sawing limbs off, but instead a delicate process that preserves the tree and helps it to remain healthy for many years. Also, its value increases when you have it trimmed regularly. Trimming trees is also good for removing damaged limbs that could become dangerous as flying debris during a storm or in high winds. It also increases air flow and helps to remove diseased or insect-infested wood.

Our tree service in Houston is top notch and is designed to help the health of your trees. We make simple recommendations to our customers in order to help them understand what it takes to keep their trees healthy. We advise that they minimize the grade and drainage changes and construction near the root zone. Water liberally and prevent water from standing near the root zone. Fertilize and prune your trees regularly. Treat diseased and insect-infested trees or have tree removal in Houston performed. Plant new or replacement trees in their place. These suggestions should help you have healthy trees for a long time to come.

If you are looking for professional Houston tree service or tree removal in Houston, your search should end with Trees Unlimited. For more information, give us a call at 713-688-6739 or email

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