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Trees Unlimited Offers Tree Service in Houston, Texas

Are you in search of a company that offers excellent tree service in Houston, Texas? Trees Unlimited is all about tree service in Houston, Texas. We have been providing our services to Houstonians for 35 years and their trees have benefited as a result. By providing preventive maintenance that is also cost effective and practical, Trees Unlimited has been able to preserve many trees in the Houston area and helped homeowner’s yards from becoming unsightly with dead or no trees. Our expert tree service in Houston will result in lovely, healthy trees and improve the look and feel of your yard to the highest degree.

One of the aspects of our tree service in Houston, Texas is pruning. This is an important aspect of tree services in Houston because it will help with the health of the tree, the safety of your home and surrounding neighborhood and the overall appearance of your trees. Trees are sometimes subject to insect infestations and diseases. These can cause your trees to become hollow and even die. Once that happens, limbs could break off easily and cause injury to someone walking underneath the trees. Also, a wind could come along and carry off the damaged limb toward someone’s property and damage it. Trees Unlimited uses highly specialized techniques and equipment so we can prune your trees effectively, removing the dead or damaged limbs while preserving the rest of the tree at the same time. As qualified arborist in Houston, we are able to prune trees so the airflow increases, giving them a better chance to combat diseases and insects.

Pruning trees also makes your neighborhood a safer place. Trees can grow so much that they cover up traffic signs or interfere with utility lines. This can result in power outages or accidents. Trees Unlimited will provide tree trimming in Houston so that your trees will not propose any threat to anyone or anything in your neighborhood.

Our pruning techniques also enhance the beauty of your trees. As they are, trees are a lovely addition to anyone's yard. They give a yard its personality, which is a strong reflection of you, the owner. Having us prune your trees through our tree service in Houston, Texas will only make your trees look better.

If you want to find out more about our tree service in Houston, Texas all you have to do is give us a call. You can reach us at 713-688-6739 or by emailing

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Call on Trees Unlimited for the Tree Service Houston, Texas Counts on Most of All

[Posted on Oct 31]

When in need of quality tree service, Houston Texas residents rely on Trees Unlimited. We offer a variety of services that are designed to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. If you have fruit trees on your property, we can ensure that they are regularly pruned which will help them to produce better and more abundant fruit. We help you to keep all of your trees healthy and offer a variety of services from trimming and removal to treatment for many diseases and insect infestations. If you have trees that are infected, our tree doctors will evaluate their condition and offer you treatment options that will restore them to full health.

In the even that they are too far gone to treat, we can provide you with safe Houston tree removal services. We offer removal of trees that are dead or dying and those that are in the way of utility lines or construction. You may simply need a tree or two removed to expand your yard. We will safely remove your trees, ensuring that your property is protected. If your trees have been damaged by heavy winds or storms, we can ensure that they are properly removed, keeping them from posing a hazard to your property and/or your family.

We provide Houston tree trimming as well that can help you to promote healthier air flow throughout your trees. Air flow is critical in keeping your trees healthy as it helps them to repel insects and diseases. Properly trimming trees to remove dead or dying branches helps you to keep your property safe. Unstable branches can quickly fall to the ground, injuring anyone below them and causing damage to cars, homes or other belongings in their path. We will remove these branches and make your property safer. Proper pruning also helps to keep your trees looking their best which is important for your overall property value.

Whether you need trees removed, regularly trimmed or you have diseased trees that need to be treated, Trees Unlimited provides professional and affordable services for Houston residents. Since 1976, we have been the preferred company for Houston tree services. Our tree doctors can treat all known diseases and help to ensure that your trees are healthy and beautiful. Feel free to browse the remainder of our website to learn more about keeping your trees healthy and beautiful or contact us at Trees Unlimited today.

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