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If You Need Tree Service in Houston, TX, Call Trees Unlimited Today

Getting good tree service in Houston, TX is simply a phone call away. Trees Unlimited has been around since 1976 helping Houston residents with their trees. We provide practical, cost effective and superior preventive maintenance for trees that is designed to improve their health as well as their attractiveness. Our tree service in Houston, TX is designed to enhance the natural form of the trees while stimulating flower production at the same time. We can prune your trees to remove diseased or storm-damaged limbs, thin the crown to permit tree growth and improve the air circulation, lower its height, or simply reshape it for design purposes. Our expert tree trimmers are experienced in pruning trees properly while preserving the tree’s structure. You can place your full trust in their ability to provide good tree care in Houston.

One of the reasons you should consider getting tree service in Houston, TX is because it improves the aesthetics of your trees. Overgrown trees or trees with deadwood can become unsightly. Sometimes they even propose a danger to the neighborhood with loose limbs that can break apart and fall on someone, causing injuries. Because our Houston tree service also encourages flower growth, the trees will flourish and look greener and healthier. The health of the tree is equally as important when it comes to pruning. By removing diseased or insect-infested wood, you are improving its health and the trees around it. This also helps the tree to develop a strong structure and lessen the likelihood of damage during storms. Also, by removing broken or loose limbs, you are encouraging the tree to close its wounds.

Safety is a huge factor with proper tree service in Houston. When high winds or storms come around like they often do in Houston, loose limbs could fly off and hit someone or something causing damage. Also, they could interfere with utility lines or cover up traffic signs, resulting in vehicle accidents. It is also good for the tree itself. With the dead or broken limbs removed, it produces a conducive atmosphere for growth.

If you need tree service in Houston, TX from a professional company that has been doing it for more than 35 years, call Trees Unlimited. We will also help give you advice on how to maintain your tree so it remains healthy for many years to come. Tree preservation is a huge part of what we do at Trees Unlimited. To find out more, simply give us a call at 713-688-6739 or email


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Get the Quality Tree Service Houston, TX Residents Count on from Trees Unlimited

[Posted on Oct 03]

If you are looking for the tree service Houston Tx residents count on, Trees Unlimited is at your service. We provide quality and professional tree services that will help you to keep your trees healthy. We offer practical and affordable services that are designed to improve the look and overall health of your trees. We can trim your trees, treat them for insect infestations and diseases and even remove them if necessary. Whether you have fruit trees or any other type, we can take care of them and ensure that they are healthy and beautiful.

Sometimes is becomes necessary to completely remove a tree to allow other trees to flourish. You may need a tree removed to allow for building space or simply because the tree has been infected so badly that it cannot be saved. Our Houston tree service includes tree removals. We will remove any trees needed and do so without damaging your property. We use the latest technology and equipment and our technicians are trained and experienced in dealing with trees of all sizes. We will remove your trees and protect your property and other trees in the process. We can also trim down branches to ensure that your trees are not interfering with power or utility lines and that they do not pose a hazard to your home.

We provide quality Houston tree trimming that will help to make your trees healthier. Properly pruning back branches allows for better airflow which is critical to keeping your trees healthy and allowing them to fight off diseases and insect infestations. If you have trees that are already infected, our tree doctors can treat them for any disease and nurse them back to full health in most cases. Our goal is to provide you with quality tree services that will make all of your trees healthy and keep them healthy.

Since 1976, Trees Unlimited has been providing the quality and affordable tree services Houston residents rely on. We offer a number of needed services that are designed to give you the healthiest and most beautiful trees in your neighborhood. We will trim your trees while protecting the structure of the trees and ensure that broken and damaged branches are removed to protect your property and your family from injury. Feel free to read more about our services on our website or contact us at Trees Unlimited for quality tree services today.

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