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Come to Trees Unlimited for Excellent Tree Service in Houston

Keeping your trees insect and disease-free is imperative to making sure your trees experience a long life as well as keeping your yard looking beautiful. Strong and attractive trees add so much to a yard and they also provide protection from the elements. Since 1976, Trees Unlimited has provided tree service in Houston to residents who love to keep their trees in tip top condition. With practical, cost effective and preventive maintenance, Trees Unlimited will care for your trees with the utmost professionalism and care. You will not find tree service in Houston like ours anywhere else.

Tree pruning is one of the tree services in Houston we provide. Pruning in Houston, or tree trimming, is important for several reasons. Loose or old branches can fall and cause injury, plus they sometimes interfere with power lines or traffic signs. Trees Unlimited knows which trees will grow beyond their available space, so we can prune them correctly. Also, pruning is good for the health of the tree. It is good for the tree to remove disease or insect-infested limbs. This also can increase the air flow and reduce insect problems. Also, this can strengthen the tree so it can better withstand strong winds during storms. Overall, pruning improves the aesthetics of a tree. Trees Unlimited provides this tree service in Houston to all residents who care about the well-being of their trees.

Trees Unlimited makes simple recommendations to tree lovers in order of priority so they can maintain healthy trees in their yard. First, minimize grade changes, drainage changes and construction in root zones. Then water them generously (especially when dry) and eliminate standing water in root zones. Then fertilize healthy trees once every two years and one to two times a year for weak or damaged trees. Every one to five years, prune or remove deadwood, depending on the variety of trees you have and the preferred level of maintenance. Finally, treat diseased, insect-infested trees by either removing them or planting new/replacement trees. We have been in the tree preservation business for nearly 35 years and providing tree service in Houston is our specialty. Our services are beyond industry standards and our tree trimmers are knowledgeable and competent. If you are looking for a company that provides tree care in Houston beyond your expectations, your search ends with Trees Unlimited.

For more information about how to get tree service in Houston from Trees Unlimited, contact us at 713-688-6739 or email

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