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Call Trees Unlimited for Tree Services in Houston

A lot of people are looking for good tree services in Houston. Trees Unlimited has been providing tree services in Houston for 35 years and we use the utmost professionalism, experience and the latest technology available designed to make sure that your trees are serviced correctly.

When it comes to pruning trees, Trees Unlimited has proven that we can apply our knowledge to provide you with practical, cost effective and expert tree maintenance. Pruning is very important because it can preserve the health of your tree and extend its life. By pruning your trees, you can remove limbs that are infested with insects or diseased. These limbs can become hollow over time and then break off once placed under pressure by winds or weight. They can fall down and hurt someone underneath or be blown away at the slightest wind, injuring someone or damaging their property. The insect problem can be reduced and the air flow can improve, giving your trees a better chance at long life. It also encourages fruit and flower production, which will make your trees flourish beautifully. With our tree services in Houston, your trees will also gain strength so that when storms do come around, they will be better equipped to withstand them.

One of the best things about our Houston tree service is that it vastly improves the aesthetics of your trees. Once we utilize our tree trimming in Houston services, the look and feel of your trees will improve immensely. It will add so much to your yard as well as the entire neighborhood. Beautiful trees are the staple of any area and Houston certainly is a place that benefits from lovely trees. Our tree services in Houston are geared toward making that happen.

In addition to our tree services in Houston, we also give our customers some recommendations they can use to maintain their own trees. Your trees can stay healthy by minimizing the drainage and grade changes and not performing any construction around the root zone. They need plenty of water but keep standing water from away root zones as well. Also, fertilize them and have them pruned once every one to five years. You also need to remove diseased and insect-infected trees with our tree services in Houston. This includes removing limbs and replanting new/replacement trees.

If you are seeking a professional arborist in Houston, come to Trees Unlimited today. For more on our tree services in Houston, call us at 713-688-6739 or email


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Call on Trees Unlimited for the Tree Services Houston Residents Rely On

[Posted on Sep 12]

When in search of quality and professional tree services Houston residents count on Trees Unlimited. We offer a variety of services that will help you to keep your trees healthy. When your trees are strong and beautiful, they add value to your property. If your trees are weak or otherwise infested by diseases or insects, they can take away from your property’s beauty and value. Trees Unlimited offers the services that you need to keep your trees strong and healthy. We have been the preferred provider of tree services since 1976 and offer professional and affordable tree care for all of your needs.

We provide Houston tree trimming services that will help you to keep your trees beautiful and healthy. Keeping your trees properly pruned helps them to ward off insect infestation and disease. In addition, if you have trees that have been weakened by storms or heavy winds, their branches can be loose. This poses a danger to your property or anyone on your property. If those branches were to fall, damage would occur. We can trim your trees and ensure that you have no loose branches on your property that could potentially damage your belongings or cause injury to anyone in your yard.

Our Houston tree service also includes tree doctors who can treat your trees for any disease and infestation. If you have noticed your trees looking less than healthy, we can inspect them to determine the problem. Our qualified and experienced arborists will then provide your trees with the needed treatments to nurse them back to perfect health. If it turns out that the trees are too far gone to save, we can safely remove them from your property and give you space to plant newer and healthier tress in their place. We offer tree removal services for those who are adding additions onto their homes or who simply want to make more yard space.

Having healthy trees in your yard gives your property higher value and more beauty. If you have noticed that your trees look less than healthy or you simply want to be proactive and protect them from future infestations, Trees Unlimited can help. We offer experience, friendly professional services and affordable costs. For nearly 35 years, we have been providing quality tree services to Houston area residents. Feel free to browse the remainder of our website for more information or contact us at Trees Unlimited today.

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