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If You Need Tree Trimming in Houston, Contact Trees Unlimited

For excellent tree trimming in Houston, there is only one call you need to make – Trees Unlimited. We have been providing tree trimming in Houston since 1976 and our expert trimmers know how to properly trim a tree so that it retains its looks as well as health. We carefully prune trees so that their natural form and character enhances and their flower production is stimulated. While some trees self-prune, our proven techniques will benefit those trees that do not and give them the opportunity to become healthier, more productive trees. The best thing about our tree trimming in Houston services is that it vastly improves the look of the trees as well as your yard. Trees by themselves add a special element to anyone’s yard just by being there. Our Houston tree service will trim your trees so that they are able to breathe better and increase the airflow. This will also help reduce any pest problem your tree is experiencing. Insect-infested trees can lead to unhealthy and even dead trees. That is not a problem you want in your yard. Trees Unlimited can provide tree trimming in Houston that will help get rid of bug problems in your trees. Pruning a tree this way also prevents the pests from getting on your neighbor’s tree.

There is also a huge safety factor with tree trimming in Houston. By trimming broken or damaged limbs, you reduce the possibility of having them come down and injure someone. Also, strong winds could carry them off and they could become a flying missile that can cause damage to someone or their property. By removing these potential dangers with tree trimming in Houston, you improve the safety in your neighborhood and to yourself. Also, trimming trees can prevent them from interfering with power lines and traffic signs.

Healthier trees also improve the value of your yard. Greener trees with solid timber are a staple for yards that are prided on aesthetics. Houston tree trimming will provide you with lovely trees that will be the envy of your neighborhood. They also add a peaceful touch that reminds you of the good things in life. If you want tree trimming in Houston that provides all kinds of excellent benefits to you and your trees, come to Tree Unlimited today. We have provided tree care in Houston since 1976 and have plenty of experience. For more information, give us a call at 713-688-6739 or email

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When in Need of Quality and Affordable Tree Trimming, Houston Residents Contact Trees Unlimited

[Posted on Oct 10]

If you are in need of quality tree trimming services, Trees Unlimited can help. We offer the tree trimming Houston residents have trusted since 1976 for quality and affordability. In order for you to keep your trees looking their best and to protect them from diseases and insect infestations, regular pruning or trimming is critical. Keeping your trees properly trimmed will help them to grow and promotes better flower production. If you have fruit trees, this will also help them to produce a higher quality and quantity of fruit. Tree trimming is not an easy task and in order to do it effectively and properly, you need to have a bit of experience.

Trees Unlimited has experience in Houston tree trimming. We will ensure that your trees are properly pruned, allowing for better airflow that will help them to ward off insect infestations and a number of diseases. We can remove damaged or broken limbs and branches from your trees which will make your property safer and more attractive. If a tree has a broken branch, you risk damage to your property and injury to your loved ones if and when that limb falls to the ground. We will ensure that you have no loose or dangerous limbs on your trees.

Our Houston tree service includes tree trimming as well as tree removal and treatment for diseases and insect infestations. Our qualified and experienced tree doctors can quickly determine what is plaguing your trees and the extent of the damage. We offer treatment for known diseases and will help to nurse your trees back to full health. If it turns out that your trees cannot be saved or you simply need a tree removed due to home additions, power lines or any other reason then we will safely remove that tree without damaging your property.

We have been providing quality tree services in the Houston area for a number of years. Whether you need your trees pruned to ensure their overall health and beauty, have a sick tree that needs to be treated or you need a tree removed, we are just a phone call away. We offer cost efficient services and all of our staff is experienced to provide you with the most professional tree services available in the Houston region. Feel free to read more about our services on our website or contact us at Trees Unlimited today.

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