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For Practical, Affordable Houston Tree Service, Contact Trees Unlimited

Getting the right Houston tree service is not as hard as you might think. Trees Unlimited has been providing Houston tree service since 1976 and we know that tree service is more than just cutting a few branches or removing stumps. It is tree preservation at its finest.

We will prune your trees so they will retain their beauty while giving your yard and the trees a healthier and better life cycle that benefits everyone. First, tree trimming in Houston will help with the aesthetics of your trees. Overgrown or unkempt trees lower the value of your yard as well as the trees themselves. Our tree service in Houston will preserve the natural form of the tree and it will stimulate flowering as well. We do not cut the stem tissue, but rather only remove the branch tissue. The value of your timber will increase as a result and your trees will retain their marvelous beauty.

Our Houston tree service is also great for safety reasons. Loose limbs can fall and hurt someone or property. Also, overgrown trees can cover up traffic signs and result in car accidents. Also, power lines could become affected by overgrowing trees. Pruning your trees will make your yard and neighborhood a safer area.

Improving the health of your trees is another great facet to our Houston tree service. We take care of diseased and insect-infested wood so it does not affect the rest of the tree. Our trimmers will thin the tree’s crown, which increases airflow and removes pests. We also take care of crossing and rubbing branches. Trees will then have a stronger structure as a result and can withstand the forces of nature better when faced with winds from severe storms.

Trees Unlimited also gives advice about how to maintain your trees so they stay healthy after our job is done. This is part of the Houston tree service we provide. We recommend that you:

  • Minimize grade and drainage changes as well as construction in the root zone
  • Water generously and eliminate standing water in the root zone
  • Fertilize your trees regularly
  • Prune and remove deadwood about one to every 5 years
  • Treat diseased and insect-infested wood or have them removed and plant new or replacement ones

We also provide tree removal in Houston. For more information about our Houston tree service, give Trees Unlimited a call at 713-688-6739 or email


Featured Article:

Get Professional Houston Tree Service from Trees Unlimited

[Posted on Nov 07]

Searching for a quality and affordable Houston tree service may seem difficult. If you live in the Houston area, Trees Unlimited offers professional services that are designed to help you to better care for your trees. From trimming and pruning services to complete tree removal, our services will help you to promote healthier trees and a more attractive property. Trees are beautiful creations but only when they are properly cared for. Not keeping them properly pruned can lead to disease or insect infestations which will not only make your trees unattractive, it will make them dangerous as well.

When trees are dying or have dead branches they pose a hazard to your property and anyone on your property. Heavy winds can break branches and send them crashing to the ground, inuring anyone in their path. By keeping your trees properly trimmed, you eliminate the danger that dying or dead limbs can cause. We offer professional Houston tree trimming that will ensure the safety of your property. By eliminating dead or dying trees and branches, you can stop worrying about tree limbs falling and injuring your family or damaging your property. Keeping your trees properly pruned also promotes better airflow which will keep them healthier.

Airflow is important to help ward off insects and diseases. If your trees are not regularly pruned, they could become overwhelmed with disease which could kill them off. If you have trees that are dying or dead, removing them is important. We can provide you with safe and effective Houston tree removal that will eliminate the safety risk that they pose and allow you to plant healthier trees in their place. We offer tree removal for dead and dying trees as well as those that are in the way of construction or utility lines. If you are unsure of whether a tree needs to be completely removed, we will provide you with an evaluation of your trees and suggest the best route of treatment.

Taking better care of your trees does not have to be difficult. Trees Unlimited will provide you with professional arborist services that will ensure the overall health of all of your trees. Our doctors can treat any tree disease or insect infestation and our trimming services will ensure that your trees remain healthy. Feel free to read more by continuing to browse our website or contact us directly at Trees Unlimited today.

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